Philosopher of the Sea

Join Yrvind, a legendary sailor, on his audacious voyage from Ireland to New Zealand at 80. Through treacherous waters, he challenges conventional norms, demonstrating the superiority of small boats and sparking questions about life's purpose, choices, and societal norms.

Sailing a minimalistic yacht from Ireland to New Zealand at the age of 80 might seem crazy to most. For Yrvind it’s the only logical way to show a small boat is superior to a big boat, something he’s been working his whole life to prove. Throughout this treacherous journey we raise questions about meaningfulness, our choices in life and question our way of living.

As a child he was beaten by his teachers due to his dyslexia and sent to boarding school for defiant children. He fled during his military service and ended up in prison. The only way out was to sign a paper that he was mentally insane. With no money and no prospect he wanted to leave society behind. He borrowed a small rowing boat, rebuilt it and started sailing the world. Yrvind became legendary in the late 70s for being the most eccentric boat builder and fearless sailor of his time.


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Sven Yrvind


Andreas Eidhagen

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The Motor

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This multiple awarded documentary follows not only the physical obstacles that age brings, but also the psychological as well as philosophical questions an 83-year-old adventurer faces as he approaches the final years of his life. Through Yrvind's own stories and those of his friends, a picture is given of his background and what made him choose this path in life - a sea hermit who lives outside of conventional society.

Yrvind was the first Swedish solo sailor to pass Cape Horn, which placed him at the top of the sailing world's Hall of Fame. For that, in 1980 he was awarded the Royal Cruising Club's medal of good seamanship in Great Britain after sailing around the tip of South America in his 5.9 meter boat. He has lectured to the royal family, written several books and invented the Bris sextant, which is considered the world's smallest sextant with a weight of three grams.




Best Documentary
Kristallen TV Gala 2023

Best Feature Documentary
Tokyo Lift-Off Festival 2023

Best Documentary Feature
Budapest Independent Film Festival 2024

Best Documentary Feature
Prague Film Awards 2024


Official Selection

Bratislava Film Awards 2023

Jacht Film Festival Poland 2024



Best Feature Documentary
London Lift-Off Festival 2024

Best Feature Documentary
Stockholm City Film Festival 2023

Best Feature Documentary
Lift-Off Season Awards 2023

Best Feature Documentary
Toronto Lift-Off Festival 2023

Honorable Mention
Scandinavian Intl Film Awards 2023

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