In the Name of Love

In the conservative backdrop of 1970s Norway, Balder's family baptism becomes ground zero for family secrets. As the unexpected arrival of his father, the 'secret porn king', unveils their illicit fortune, the lines blur between political rebellion, family loyalty, and morality. Will love prevail once the scandalous truth surfaces?

Balder and his wife welcome their entire family to their daughter’s baptism... well, almost the entire family. Balder’s father shows up uninvited and the family’s slightly questionable past is brought to light.

This is a story about a family who has made their fortune from porn whilst living in the conservative Norway of the 1970s. Balder’s mother did everything she could to keep the source of income hidden while his father, ‘Norway’s secret porn king’ saw eroticism as political rebellion against the morality police. Will Balder’s wife still love him when she finds out about the unsavoury family secret?

Based on the real and untold story of Bård Breien, the director’s own life, this is a story of opposites attracting and colliding, of freedom and decency, and of family conflict and resolution.


Comedy, Drama


8 x 30'




Maria Bonnevie, Trond Espen Seim, Jakob Oftebro, Jonas Oftebro, Ingrid Gaever


Bård Breien


Bård Breien

Production Company


Production Year


Delivery Info

Q4 2023


Viaplay Group

The comedy-drama series was created by director Bård Breien (the award-winning The Art of Negative Thinking). The stellar cast is headlined by Maria Bonnevie (Another Round), Trond Espen Seim (Mammon), Jakob Oftebro (Agent Hamilton), Jonas Oftebro (Ragnarok), Ingrid Gaever (Headhunters).   

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