End of Summer

In the Swedish summer of the late 90s, 14-year-old Vera's refusal to let her little brother Billy accompany her results in his inexplicable disappearance. Two decades later, a hauntingly familiar young man brings Vera back to her childhood home, where she's driven to unravel the mystery of Billy's fate. The truth might fracture her world forever.

It’s a beautiful late summer evening in southern Sweden in the late 90s. Fourteen-year-old Vera is riding her bicycle on the remote farm on which she lives. Her younger brother, five-year-old Billy, insists on coming with her. She doesn’t want to take him and sends Billy home. Billy vanishes without a trace and the whole community joins the family to search for him. No trace is found, and the search is eventually called off. 20 years later, Vera now a grief counsellor, meets a young man whose story and appearance strongly resembles that of her missing brother. She returns home to find answers. Vera is determined to discover what really happened to Billy, though her determination to uncover the truth is not shared by all her family. Nothing can prepare Vera for quite how shattering the truth will be.


Thriller, Nordic Noir, Crime, Drama


6 x 55'




Julia Ragnarsson, Erik Enge, Vilhelm Blomgren, Torkel Petersson, Henrik Norlén


Henrik Georgsson, Jens Jonsson


Björn Carlström, Stefan Thunberg

Production Company

Harmonica Films in co-production with SF Studios and Film i Skåne

Production Year


Delivery Info



Viaplay Group

End of Summer is an absorbing Nordic noir based on the award-winning crime novels by former police officer Anders de la Motte. The stellar cast includes Julia Ragnarsson (Midsommar, The Bridge), Erik Enge (Tigers, Sandhamn Murders), Vilhelm Blomgren (Midsommar, Top Dog), and Henrik Norlén (The Evil Next Door, Modus), who deliver captivating performances, unravelling the haunting secrets behind a long-lost disappearance.

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