Ace of Base: All That She Wants

The untold journey of a chart-topping band through intimate diaries and unseen footage, chronicling their unexpected ascent to stardom and the highs and lows that came with it.

Ace of Base: All That She Wants is the uncensored story of one of Sweden's most successful pop bands - Ace of Base. The three-part documentary is a fascinating story where grandiose pop dreams, charts and money collide with relentless adversity, performance anxiety and shattered friendships.

Ace of Base is Sweden's third biggest pop export after Abba and Roxette. The band's first album "Happy Nation" was released in 1993 and is still today the biggest debut album of all time with 25 million copies sold. The pop quartet that no one believed in became, thanks to super hits like "All that She Wants" and "The Sign", a world sensation and kick-started the Swedish pop wonder.

But behind the successes also hides a deep and unknown darkness. Ulf Ekberg is threatened with death by right-wing extremists and is forced to perform in a bulletproof vest and have bodyguards with him during the world tours. Jenny Berggren is attacked by a German fan in her home, which traumatizes her for life. Quarrels about songs and money create further friction in the quartet. When the band is at the absolute peak of their career in the mid-1990s, the band members – Ulf Ekberg and the siblings Jonas, Jenny and Malin Berggren – begin to be slowly broken down by old and new demons.

This is an unpolished documentary about Ace of Base with unique and private video material from the most turbulent years giving a deep, authentic, and honest insight into how the four friends from Gothenburg tackled the ups and downs of celebrity.


Biography, Documentary, Scandinavian Screening


3 x 42'




Ulf Ekberg, Jenny Berggren, Malin Berggren, Jonas Berggren


Jens von Reis

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Daniel Andreasson

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